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Fundy Footpath, New Brunswick, Canada, 2008 (by marc_guitard)

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I was tagged by the awesome yaessa

1.-Where are you from?: Im from Santiago de Chile ;D!

2.-What is your favourite series/anime: wow.. well if i have to put my fav ones.. How i meet your mother, Justified, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist (Both) and Dragon Ball (from the biggining untill freezer saga.. then its like mehh..) :) 

3.-Your favorite song: wow this is a hard one… if you point me with a gun i must say Here comes the sun by The Beatles.

4.-Your favorite book or manga: fav book… uhh Lord of the rings saga and manga One piece <3 by faar 

5.-Your age: sonn ill be 22 ;)

6.-The last thing you said ?: Es carolina de Seu Jorge! (it means its Carolina by Seu jorge (a brazilian musician check it out))

7.-Which superpower would you have ?: SUUUPPPER strength and speed as light that would be awesome.. i guess ill be a villian ):

8.-The last book you read ?: A biography book of John Lennon <3 

9.-Favorite movie ?: Snatch of Guy Ritchie

10.-What is the last youtube video i ve watched ?: Michael Jackson-The way you make me feel

11.-What is your ‘true’ language ?: Español! (spanish)

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